• You will want to use this option if you are needing remote support with a computer/device that does not have the Nivek IT Remote Monitoring Software installed on it
  • Click the above title to be redirected to the Remote Access website of NinjaRMM
  • You can save the link in your bookmarks
  • You can go to www.NivekIT.com/ninja¬†to access the page at any time.
  • End-User Remote Access is to where you are able to access your work computer from a personal computer.
  • You will use this link to follow the steps of how to signup for the End-User Remote Access.¬†
  • This will grant you access to perform tasks on your work computer as if you were in front of it. Basically, the same way that Nivek Group accesses your computer.
  • This will also give you the same permissions that you on your that is already in place on your work computer.

Contact Nivek IT (Kevin)

      • Send an email to HelpDesk@NivekIT.com to open a ticket.
      • If the assistance is an urgent request, call the Help Desk at (720)924-6060 after you have sent the email to have a ticket created.