Enter your username and password, click on the Sign In button.

  • Only select the option of “Stay signed in” if this is your personal/company work issued computer and NO ONE ELSE uses it. This option does exactly what it says. Selecting this option could make it easy for someone to gain access to the files.
  • Your username is typically your first name.
  • If you do not know your username and/or password, you may call Nivek IT at (720) 924-6060 or contact Cassandra.

Be sure to Logout when you are done!

  • On the upper right hand corner of the website, click on the Person icon and then click on the Logout option
  • Do not simply just close the browser
  • There is a safe guard that after about 30 minutes (give or take), it will automatically log you out of the portal.

SINGLE Click the File Station Folder Icon

DOUBLE Click the folder you would like to access

DOUBLE Click the File/Document that you would like to view.

  • When you double click on the file name, the file will download to your local computer for you to work on it locally
  • Once you are done working on the file, you will need to save it and re-upload the file back on to Synology.
  • Once you have uploaded the file back onto Synology, you will need to delete it from your local computer. (See below)
  • Most times, the files are downloaded to your “Downloads” folder.

Upper left hand corner of the File Station window, click on the button for "Upload" and oi it will give you two options

  • Upload Skip = It will upload the files/ documents. If there is already a file/document with the same name, it will add a number behind it as a revision number.
  • Upload – Overwrite = It will upload the files/documents and replace any existing files/documents with the same file name.
  • After clicking the option you want, a File Explorer window will open and you then need to go to where the file was saved.
    • If this is a file that you downloaded originally, it will most likely be in your “Downloads” folder.
    • If this is a NEW file, it will be in the folder that you saved it in. Typically, it is saved to your “Documents” folder or your “Desktop” folder. It also could be saved to the last folder that you saved it to.