Preventive Maintenance Care

June 1, 2021

Just like a vehicle, all computers and networking equipment require some kind of Preventive Maintenance. Yes, Computers and Networking Equipment does not require an oil change; however, they do require software updates as well as cleaning of the inside of the equipment chassis.

The Preventive Maintenance measures allows approximately 15 minutes to 60 minutes a month per device and/or Third-Party Vendor Hardware/Application Support. The time frame per device, hardware and/or software depends on the type of device that is being maintained. The exact time allowance per device, hardware and/or software will be listed within the agreement. The total time allotment per device will be calculated as a group allotment. With this in mind, If one device, hardware and/or software takes 20 minutes and another takes 40 minutes, then this will equal itself out. Best way to look at it the time frame is to to take all the device, hardware and/or software under the support agreement and times it by 30 minutes. As long as the Preventive Maintenance measures are completed within that time frame, you are set.

Nivek IT is able to perform most Preventive Maintenance measures without taking over remote PCs. We are able to access the Service Manager, Task Manager and Program Manager. We are able to uninstall applications, run scripts, install patches and with the Command Prompt access running almost any command is feasible.

Some of the Preventive Maintenance Measures that we are able to perfom, but not linited to:

  • Run Operating System Update: All / Critical / Important / Security.
  • Run Operating System Update: Service Pack
  • Install Application / Software Updates
  • Install Driver Updates (Hardware)
  • Install Java updates
  • Install Adobe updates
  • Scan devices for malware, spam, third-party unauthorized software and clean those up
  • Other tasks as we feel appropriate for all Servers, Desktops, Laptops and Networking Devices
  • Create System Restore Point
  • Delete Temp Files
  • Delete Internet History
  • Reboot
  • Shutdown
  • Defragment (All disks)
  • Run Check-Disk (All disks)
  • Run Full System Scan

Additional Preventive Maintenance Measures & Requests

If there is any Additional Preventive Maintenance Measures that  you would like Nivek IT to perform, please let us know. We will review the request and evaluate the details of the request and take the request from there.