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Introducing Nivek IT

Nivek IT is the IT Support entity of the Nivek Group.

Nivek Group is your new and upcoming All-Inclusive IT Support Services company, originally founded in 2015, that is offering Advanced Tier 1 support of desktop, laptop, workstation, applications and flat networks. 

Nivek Group is the first and only All-Inclusive IT Support Company that is truly focused on the “Small Business” and the “Advanced Personal User” that needs just a little extra support. Nivek Group can offer competitive rates with some of the advanced support systems that has been implemented. The Larger IT Support companies can have a higher starting cost at an hourly rate of $150 or more per hour.

Nivek Group offers a range of support options and pricing that is guaranteed to fit your business needs and budget. Check out our Plans, Services, Solutions and Support Page for the most common options. If there is an option that you feel is a better fit, just let us know and we can work out a plan that fits your team’s needs!

Nivek IT

Remote Monitoring Management

Nivek Group has partnered with NinjaRMM and Splashtop Remote Access to assist with the monitoring capabilities of a Server, Workstation and the Network iteself. 

The NinjaRMM System offers the following monitoring options:

  • CPU / Processor
  • Memory / RAM
  • Local Hard Drive
  • Removable Drive
  • Network Adapters
  • Open Ports
  • Operating System
  • User Log
  • Antivirus

The NinjaRMM System allows Nivek Group to see other details of a Server and Workstation. If an error should arise, the NinjaRMM System will notify the Nivek Help Desk to which they can try to resolve on their own by sending behind the scene commands. By utilizing the behind the scene command feature, this allows the Nivek Help Desk support a the Server or Workstation without interrupting an End-Users’ productivity time.

If the Nivek Help Desk is not able to resolve the error behind the scenes, we can remote into a Server or Workstation using the Splashtop Remote Control Application.

Server and Workstation Monitoring utilizes the NinjaRMM program to monitor the services, software applications, drivers other components of a cloud based server. The NinjaRMM program will send an alert to the Nivek Help Desk ticketing system for us to follow up on. Once an alert is received, we review the alert along with the event logs to determine the best course of action for resolution. 

Nivek Group utilizes Webroot as the main Antivirus Monitoring and Remoal Software. Webroot was originally founded here in Broomfield Colorado in the early 2000’s and has become one of the Top Antivirus Software within the Technical Industry. 

Nivek Group also utilizes a vast array of other software tools to help with the monitoring and removal of possible malicious software that may be found on a Server or Workstation. 

Nivek Group is able to offer support on many Third-Party Applications as we have formed an Elite Partnership with a group of other Support Professionals that we can lean on. 

Nivek Group has also formed a partnership with the support teams of the Third-Party Application Company.

You need support, Nivek Group can offer that support!

Nivek Group is able to offer Website Hosting at a discounted rate. All Hosting Plans comes with FREE WordPress Design Kit and Unlimited Email Accounts. Check out for complete details.

Nivek Group has partnered up with some of the world class email providers that are available. We are able to provide both iMAP and Exchange email hosting accounts. Check out for complete details.

Nivek Group has partnered up with Digium to offer Cloud Phone Hosting plans. This partnership was just signed and is still being setup. Check for updated details as they become final.

Nivek Group is proud to announce that they are now a partner of Carbonite. 

Carbonite, is an OpenText company, offers all the tools necessary for protecting data from the most common forms of data loss, including ransomware, accidental deletions, hardware failures and natural disasters. From automated computer backup to comprehensive protection for physical and virtual server environments, Carbonite ensures the accessibility and resiliency of data for any system.

Nivek Group has partnered up with Digium and Sangoma to present to you a Cloud Phone System to help your company perform the Work From Home functions a little easier. With this in play, Nivek Group is now a Partner with VoIP Supply to bring you a selection of different types of the Cloud and VoIP Phone Services that will help your team! Check us out, give us a chance! Nivek Group is All Inclusive IT Support Group!